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Top Lolita

Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: X-Andrew-WideReply: netnews.alt.sex.stories,netnews.alt.sex.motssX-Andrew-Authenticated-as: 0;andrew.cmu.edu;Network-MailReceived: via nntppoll with nntp; Fri, 12 Jun 1992 14:36:34 -0400 (EDT)Xref: crabapple.srv.cs.cmu.edu alt.sex.stories:321 alt.sex.motss:1137Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories,alt.sex.motssPath: andrew.cmu.edu!crabapple.srv.cs.cmu.edu!fs7.ece.cmu.edu!news.sei.cmu.edu!cis.ohio-state.edu!magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu!usenet.ins.cwru.edu!news.ysu.edu!do-not-reply-to-pathFrom: SILVERIQUCDN.QueensU.CA (Silver Tiger)Subject: REPOST: Dorm Encounter Part VIII: Library unResearchMessage-ID: Sender: newsnews.ysu.edu (Usenet News Admin)Nntp-Posting-Host: qucdnaOrganization: Queens University at KingstonDate: Fri, 12 Jun 1992 15:48:40 GMTLines: 205Dorm Encounter Part VIII: Library unResearchCollege for me has not been all fun and games, fuckingand sucking. Every now and then, I have to settle downto some serious schoolwork. As I am basically thecenter of attention on my hall, I rarely get anythingdone in my room. As such, I have been known to hauntthe college's library from time to time.On one such night, I had been at my desk in the stackssomewhere for about two hours, when the urge to pissovertook me and would not allow me to concentrate. I'mnot terribly fond of public bathrooms on this campus;for some reason they are always dark and seldomcleaned. I had never actually been in any of thebathrooms in the library, but had to go so badly Iwould have peed in a can if I had one.Bucking up my courage, I put my book down and headedoff in search of the bathroom. It was in the centercore of the building where the elevators were, and Iwas surprised, upon entering, at the overall brightnessand cleanliness of it. Don't get me wrong, now-- Iwasn't about to eat off the floor, but I felt more thansatisfied that germs flying through the air would notland on me and turn me into The Fly.I appeared to be alone, and went into a stall. Ihurriedly unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out andbegan pouring Top Lolita forth the torrential rains that I knewwere lodged within my bladder. As I stood there, Irealized that other bodily functions were required aswell. I undid my pants and turned around and sat downand went to work. As I sat there, I began to noticethe graffiti on the walls of the stall. "For a reallygood time call...", "I suck big cocks only if youcall...","I need to get off bad...", and one thatcaught my eye especially: "I am new to cocksucking andneed practice. Will be here at 9:00 pm on the 17th.Tap your foot if you want service."I looked at my watch and realized it was one minuteuntil 9:00 on the appointed date. Just as I wasmarvelling at the boldness of this invitation, theouter door to the bathroom opened and someone came inand took the stall to my right. I heard jeansunzipping and a little shuffling around, but did nothear any of the typical sounds of someone using thebathroom for its intended purpose. This was gettinginteresting.The person next to me began making "obvious noises" andso I stuck my foot under the partition and tapped it acouple of times on the floor. He pushed my foot backto my side and a piece of paper came floating down fromover the partition. I unfolded it and it said, "Throwthis back if you are interested in some serious head,and do not move from where you are right now."The mystery and intrigue levels here were starting toget me excited and my cock reacted appropriately. Ithrew the piece of paper back over the partition andwaited, my cock throbbing in my lap. I couldn't resistgiving it a couple of strokes as I waited for themystery man's next actions. I was completelyunprepared for what happened next. As I sat there, thefront of the large institutional Top Lolita toilet paper rollholder opened to reveal my mystery man's side of thestall. He had removed his unit completely, and waspulling the "innards" of my unit to his side. In asecond or two, he had a large hole between the stallsthat was just the right height. I looked through thehole and saw nothing at first, then a finger beckonedme (or my cock, I should say) to stick itself in thehole."What the hell," I thought, and stood up and stuck myramrod through the opening. In nothing flat, sweet andterribly wet lips had encircled my knob and weresucking insistently. I put my hands on the top of thepartition and let this guy go to work. He sucked likea novice but was insistent and trying very hard to begood at what he was doing. His tongue flicked aroundmy engorged cockhead and each drop of precum thatseeped out went straight down this guy's throat. Imoved my pelvis with the rhythm he was creating, andbefore long, he had managed, much to my amazement, toswallow the length of my rod. I began building myfuckpace to a slow canter, pounding the partitionharder and harder as my cock sunk in and out of thissweet mouth. He was getting better with practice, andsoon had me humming to myself as I prepared to blow.I began rocking harder and harder, pummelling his facewith my tube until the moment arrived when my ballsbegan forcing their sweet nectar to the outside world.He sensed my impending orgasm and clamped down on mycock with all his might as if daring any spunk to leakout. The pressure was all I needed and I began tounload blast after blast of sexjuice into his waitingand greedy throat. I came four or five times, shootingslightly smaller blasts each time, until my legs wereshaking so hard that the partition was banging back andforth. Top Lolita As the last dribble poured out of my cocktip, Iwithdrew from his mouth and stepped back, gasping forbreath. I looked through the hole and was amazed tofind the last person I expected to find sucking cocksin a library bathroom: my next door neighbor, Ted.I stuck my face through the hole, smiled, and said,"Goddamn, man! If you wanted action, you should havejust come next door!"He bent over and smiled. "Don't you find this a littlemore exciting, though, man?" Top Lolita he asked."Well, sure. I must admit it was really hot knowing wecould get caught, but I'm so hot now I could go again!""Well, why don't we go home and do something aboutthat, Andrew?" With that having been said, he closedup the hole, putting the toilet paper units back intoplace. We went into the library proper, I gathered mybooks, and we began the long walk back to the dorm. Aswe walked, I hung back a little so I could look at him.I had never really noticed Ted before-- he's notterribly good looking but he's not ugly either. Kindof nondescript, really. I checked him out as hewalked, and I like what I saw very much. He had atight little ass that just begged to be plugged.We arrived back at the dorm and went straight to hisroom. With almost no conversation, we undressed andmet on the bed, mouths open to each other, kissed longand hard. While rolling around, I could feel Top Lolita my cockrubbing his, both of which were hard as rocks. I knewwhat I wanted and flipped him over so that he was onall fours. I pried his buttcheeks apart and sunk mytongue into his musky hole. I reamed him for aconsiderably long time, enjoying the feelings andsensations that my mouth was experiencing. Ted seemedto be enjoying himself as well as he pushed his assback towards my face and wiggled around, trying tocreate new depths for my tongue.Able to stand the pressure no more, I got on my kneesand pushed my cockhead against his hole. I began topush in and he roared, "Take it easy, asshole! I'venever done this before!"My cock instantly got harder knowing that I was Top Lolita aboutto fill virgin territory. I eased my cockhead past theconstricting muscles and it sank into his ass canal.Ever so slowly, I eased my fucktube into his tight hothole until I had buried myself to the root and my pubeswere scratching his asscheeks. He moaned in pleasureand that gave me the go-ahead to fuck the crap out ofhim. My passion and lust had built to a frenziedlevel, and I began thrusting in and out hard and long.He was moaning loudly now, grunting as I hit rockbottom at each thrust.I grabbed his hips and threw myself into my fucking,pounding his ass with all my might as I rode this guylike a cowboy. He grunted and moaned in appreciation,bucking with me until we were literally a blur.With little warning, the lava in my cock began to flowdeep within his bowels, bathing the hot rippling fleshwith warm creamy spunk. I blasted several big shotsand withdrew, shooting the rest all over his asscheeks.As I calmed down, I bent down and licked his ass clean,rimming the entrance to his ass, tasting my semen mixedwith his musky goo. I flipped him over and sat rightdown on his cock, bouncing up and down until he wasdigging his fingernails into my arms. I Top Lolita knew he mustbe close, and true to form, he shot his hot load withgreat force up into my ass. I slid up and down on hispole as he shot, relishing in the squishy pleasure wewere both experiencing. I slowed as I felt the lastspurt shot inside me and allowed his cock to find itsway back to the outside. I laid Top Lolita down atop him, and wekissed deeply, rolling around on the bed.Panting and with hearts racing, we drew apart andlaughed. "Had I known you were this good, I would havenever left this building, stud!" Ted said to me."Well, I'm always here, always horny, and alwayswilling," I said with a wink. "Come back any time."Ted left shortly thereafter, after planting a few morekisses my way, and I sat down at my desk and returnedto my studies.---\/---Suggestions and comments are welcome:whitakerathena.cs.uga.eduWatch for Part IX Soon!!! Bi Encounter!
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